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Irish firms make a foray into Mahe
Aug 19, 2013 

An unassuming building in Mahe is filled with young professionals busy processing data of two Irish companies, one with full-fledged operations in India while the second is gearing up for its inauguration.

Though global firms setting up shop in big Indian towns is nothing new, a small town making its presence felt in the country's IT map is an interesting development. "It all began in 2007 when my brother Pratheesh, a software professional in Ireland, and I decided to established Open Software Solutions (OSS), a small software development company in our hometown Thalasserry," remembers Prabeesh Chambeth, a business consultant who took pains to bring the Irish firms here.

Initially OSS got work from Contracting Plus Ltd, an Irish firm that provides solutions for recruiting and contracting in Europe. Gradually, they took a share in it, rebranding it as Oryx System Solutions. Later, the company took over Oryx, handing over most of its accounting and IT development works.

"Our first plan was to establish the company in Thalassery, but owing to administrative hurdles, we were compelled to move to Mahe, where former minister and current Mahe MLA E Valsaraj provided us all support ," says Prabeesh, who is now an adviser and consultant of Oryx. "If we had received support from Kerala, we would have stayed back in Thalassery."

Within three years OSS helped Contracting Plus save five million euros in manpower cost. This attracted another Irish multinational company, Morgan McKinley, which established a BPO in Mahe for its backend operations. The company is now in the process of recruiting and training staff. In the first stage, 50 young professionals and trainees are being hired and it plans to increase the strength to around 250 by 2015.

The main requirement for a BPO is to be able to maintain seamless workflow, said Prabeesh.

"While in Thalassery there were times when we had to close the office for upto 5-6 days a month, prompting us to move to Mahe," said Prabeesh. Even during hartals, the Puducherry government provides police protection so work is not affected. While major companies opt for metropolitan cities, smaller firms prefer towns in Kerala. But for that we have to create a conducive environment, they said.

When OSS was started in Thalassery, the municipality refused to give us an IT licence, since back then there was no provision for such a licence. The municipality even suggested that they could provide licence for an electronic business, but OSS refused to accept it.

The advantage of a small town is that you get a committed workforce, especially females, who can be groomed into professionals. Nearly 70% of the employees in both organizations are women.

Meanwhile, Irish software development firm CGS IT Ltd, established by Pratheesh will soon open shop in Mahe after it developed Clubapp, an international web-based mobile application that provides live scores of all major sports matches/games.

"Talks are underway to start a dedicated offshore development centre in Mahe for Clubapp," said Prabeesh. The 31-year-old also runs Destination Oryx, a tourist firm.

"Many MNCs are willing to come to this small town but space constraint is a major concern. We hope the Puducherry government will soon set up an IT Park," Prabeesh said.
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Company Incorporation Service
Complete Business Set Up On Fast Track Mode........

Company Incorporation Services include a set of deliverables that begin with the identification & selection of a business identity and involve its formation and set up. These also include the resolution of current legal issues as well as those that may arise in future. To achieve all these goals, you may resort to "do it all by yourself approach," or hire the services of a business attorney or lawyer. However, first approach may prove to be counter-productive if you do not have enough legal expertise and the latter choice may prove to be costly, especially when your business is small and you do not need a full time attorney. The role of company formation services provider becomes all the more important in such a situation.

Prabeesh Consultancy - the leading company incorporation service provider in India has a team of business and legal experts as well as company formation agents who will make this all hassle free for you by providing you their services and expert advice. Transparency in services is our motto and we do substantiate our claims by verifiable documentary proofs as well as online content which feature on our portal.

Few prominent company incorporation services and limited company formation services that are provided by Prabeesh Consultancy are enumerated below:

1) Setting up of Liaison Office, Branch Office and Subsidiaries
2) Preparation of Application Forms in Statutory Formats
3) Fixing Appointments and Interacting with Appropriate Authorities
4) Meeting the Requirements for Overseas Legal Formalities
5) Limited Company Formation in India
6) Company Formation Services
7) Company Incorporation Services
8) Company Formation Agents
9) Online Incorporation Services
10) Business Incorporation Services
11) Preparation and Review of Legal Document and Compliance of Various Statutes, Corporate Bylaws, Rules and Regulations
12) Review of Your Business Plan by our Expert Company Formation Agents
13) Providing you True Copies of Incorporation Certificates

If you can spend a little time to fill in a basic questionnaire form, Prabeesh Consultancy will do the rest for you. We will conduct a comprehensive search for an appropriate company name for your business identity and reserve the same for you. Our company formation service experts will do all the legal documentation on your behalf and ensure that they comply with all relevant laws and bylaws. Our company formation agents will file papers for your company in all the locations you are interested in and will also apprise you with the current laws of a particular state or country and the costs involved.

Prabeesh Consultancy also runs online company incorporation services and our portal features several user friendly tools that could be easily used by anyone who wants to make good use of our limited company formation India services. These tools are complemented with charts and comparison tables so that you may easily decipher out about the most beneficial company incorporation services for your business establishment.

Prabeesh Consultancy offers you cost effective and expert company incorporation services that are simply unmatchable. We dedicate ourselves to provide genuine services to our clients all the time.
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Destination Services
⇒ Pre View Trip
⇒ Airport Meet & Greet
⇒ Temporary Accommodation
⇒ Home Search
⇒ Settling In
⇒ School Search
⇒ City Orientation
⇒ Tenancy Management
⇒ Departure Services
⇒ Cross Cultural Training

Pre View Trip
This program would be designed to provide an overview of your destination city and would include types of housing available and the areas that are generally focused on by the relocating Expatriate, Schooling available both international and Local schooling and facilities available medical and otherwise. Our team are trained to counsel and set at ease any hesitation you may have prior to your relocation.

Service includes:
* Single point of contact from our team
* Pre visit counseling
* Specially Customized Agenda
* Compiled City Information Pack
* Accompanied Pre - View Program
* We aim to answer any questions you may have before your final relocation

Airport Meet & Greet
We have a fleet of vehicles both to cater to the relocating individual or family, Our drivers are screened and highly trained and will assist you on your arrival to reach your destination safely

• Our In Country Consultant will make and coordinate the necessary arrangements for an individual / family arriving in the country.
•We have a fleet of vehicles that meet the standard safety requirements.
• Highly trained drivers who speak English and carry a mobile phone.
• In case a VIP Meet & Greet is required our In country Consultant will accompany the driver to meet on arrival.

Temporary Accommodation
Our consultants can arrange cost effective temporary accommodation in your destination city, whether it is a Hotel or a Service apartment you are looking for until your permanent accommodation is arranged we can make your initial stay a comfortable one.

Services Include:
• Pre Arrival counseling.
•Sourcing the best quality accommodation at competitive rates.
• Compiled City Information Pack .
• In case of a service apartment arranging a listing for viewing on arrival.
• Accompanied viewing of accommodation.
• Lease / contract coordination.
• Settling In .

Home Search
Prabeesh Consultancy has a setup in all locations with alliances with reputed Real Estate Agents who work closely with us to provide expert advise while sourcing a property. Our specially designed Needs Analysis Form is sent in every case and enables us to understand the housing requirements or the relocating individual / Family.

Our resource of multiple realtors gives us access to an unlimited database while searching for a property. Our team will coordinate with the relocate understand their requirements and advise where necessary.

Services Include:
• An In Country Single Point of contact
•Specially designed Needs Analysis Form
• Pre Arrival counseling Call.
• Welcome Pack on arrival.
• Specially Designed Property ? Viewing Itinerary.
• Advise on specific Localities and Rental Norms.
• Local Area Orientation.

Settling In
Prabeesh Consultancy assist the assignee in all practical aspects of the settling in process with direct coordination with the concerned agencies to provide Gas Connections, Cable TV, Broadband / Internet Connection, and may also provide assistance in opening a Local Bank Account.

Services Include:
• Coordination of Utility connections, Gas, Cable, Broadband, Telephone.
• Assistance with Mobile phone Connections.
• Assistance with opening a Bank Account.
• Local Area Orientation , Shopping and Basic Essentials.
• Introduction to Domestic Staff Agencies.
• Lease / contract coordination.
• Assistance with Club memberships.
• Introduction to Expatriate support groups.

School Search
A Crucial aspect for a relocating family is find the right school. International Schooling is available throughout India. Prabeesh Consultancy will provide assistance when searching for a suitable school option. Our consultant will work with the relocating family to provide information on the options available within the city, coordinate meetings and school orientations and assist with the admission process.

Services Include:
• Single point of contact to assist with the sourcing of the school required.
• Pre Arrival Information regarding school facilities.
• Coordination of School appoints with the respective Admissions Department.
• Accompanied school visits.
• Coordination of Fee payment.

City Orientation
We provide a specially designed and coordinated city orientation based on the assignees interests and basic requirements for day to day life in the city. Our consultant will accompany the assignee and provide assistance by guiding and answering any questions to enable their transition to be a smooth one.

Services Include:
• Pre Arrival Coordination of places, establishments and areas to view.
• Specially tailored itinerary.
• Welcome Pack with City Information of arrival.
• Accompanied City Tour.
• Introduction the Local Medical Facilities.
• Overview of local Markets.
• Provide information on places of interest , i.e. sports facilities, children's activities etc.

Tenancy Management
We have an in house 24 x 7 helpline service for assistance with household maintenance. Our helpline is manned around the clock with both English and Japanese speaking assistance we will ensure that our team will be at your door within a few hours.

Services Include:
• Access to a 24 x 7 facility.
• Highly trained professionals with Company Identification.
• English, French, German & Japanese: Language facility to bridge the cultural barrier.
• Co ordination and implementation of Annual Maintenance Contracts.
• Coordination with Landlord for major household issues.

Departure Services
Fromula Group focuses on providing service which assists the assignee with household issues that need closure, leases bank accounts or memberships that need to be closed. Among the scope of services we provide assistance with the Lease cancellation process, deactivation of utilities with direct coordination with the concerned agencies to ensure that the assignee can repatriate with no open ends.

Services Include:
• Single point of contact to assist with the tenancy closure process.
• Coordination of Lease cancellation .
• Assistance with cancellation of utilities and final bill payments.
• Assistance with cancellation of contracts such as AMCs and other rental agreements.
• Assistance with closure of Bank accounts and other club memberships.
• Evaluation of premises prior to handover allowing minor repairs etc that may be necessary. We can coordinate with the tenant to have these issues addressed and if necessary cost deducted by the landlord from the security deposit in hand.
• Security Deposit recovery.
• If required at an extra charge we provide assistance with arrangement of temporary accommodation prior to departure.
• On request an airport transfer can also be arranged at an additional cost.

Cross Cultural Training
Cross Cultural Training is a training communication and experiences, preparing people when they are working and living in a new country.

The program modules could include some of the following:
• Information about the Country.
• Introduction to culture and history .
• The role and characteristics of communication.
• Social awareness in the new country.
• Daily living.
• Leisure Activities, Eating and drinking.
• Customs of India.
• Relations of work and management.
• Doing business in country.
• Education.
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Recruitment and HR Services
Today's Industry has a lot of dynamics and with the current cut throat competition in businesses, it is becoming essential for entrepreneurs to engage highly specialized professionals in their team who will partner with them to grow their business and move ahead of their competitors.

To be the best in the industry, you need the skilled people in your team working together with you towards a vision of building a better, more successful organization. The search for the right people to drive your organization is not an easy proposition. Searching for and recruiting the right people is a mammoth task and it is not always easy to hunt for hard core professionals. Almost, very job has 200+ applicants and most of them may not even come close to the role that you are looking to fill. How do you then reach the ideal candidate for your organization?

Prabeesh Consultancy is a gateway to a range of Recruitment and HR services. We specialize in providing a holistic solution for your HR requirements and focus on not only identifying, assessing and recruiting talent with excellent records for your organization but also provide support for your HR Policies and Systems. We are, therefore, able to provide our clients with an "End-to-end Formula" for HR solutions.

In turn, we also provide our candidates a platform to fulfill their ambitions by recruiting them for organizations that appreciate their experience and provide them with opportunities to grow.

Bringing together a team with more than 15 years of Search and Selection experience, across various service lines and levels, Formula Corporate Solutions is committed to provide the highest level of service, not only to its clients but also to candidates. We, at Prabeesh Consultancy, believe in building enduring relationships with all our clients and candidates in order to be an integral part of their success and growth.
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